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One of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in your lifetime is purchasing a home. You’ve looked at home magazines, talk to real estate agents and did your research before you made that down payment on your current home.

Once the big transaction is complete, your home will always be a continuing project of maintenance and care to not only keep the value of your home as it is, but to also increase the value of your home for years to come.

Classic Products Metal Roofing Systems wants to take one big house job off your list by increasing the value of your home with a metal roofing system.

A metal roofing system for your home is the ideal product as once you have it installed you’ll never have to worry about your roof again.

Our roofing products have been thoroughly tested and can stand almost anything mother nature wants to throw at it. Our Country Manor Shake roofing product has been tested to withstand 110 mph wind-driven rain and is also fireproof.

To up the ante and to show you how confident we are in our products, Classic Metal Roofing Systems ensures long-term protection, security and a lifetime warranty on your metal roofing system.

It isn’t a surprise when homeowners from Toronto to Thunder Bay and Windsor to Kingston, select our metal roofing system for its distinctive beauty and durability.

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Once you buy a Metal Roofing product from Classic Products you'll never have to re-roof your home again.


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Aluminum is more affordable than asphalt

Many people tolerate the cycle of re-roofing with asphalt because asphalt is cheap. But is it really? After you have re-roofed several times, asphalt turns out to be more expensive than aluminum. Think of it like buying a cheap old clunker instead of a new car: you will be forced to spend so much on repairs each year, that it would have been cheaper to buy the new problem-free car.

Classic Products has special financing arrangements with TD Canada and Scotiabank that make buying and installing our roofs even easier.

These roofs are tested tough. The Rustic and Oxford model roofs were tested by Underwriter's Laboratories in the US to withstand serious punishment. Won't you love it if your roof could:

  • Withstand impact with a 2-inch steel balls (as per the UL TGAM standard)
  • Remain firm under 320km per hour hurricane winds (UL 580)
  • Not combust under fire (UL TFXX tested)

In addition to being the last roof you will need, when you get a Classic roof you make a smart investment which pays dividends for years. This is because of 3 factors:

  1. The certifications from the above laboratories may actually lower your insurance premiums
  2. Aluminum roofs reduce electricity bills by up to 25% because they keep the attic up to 35% cooler.
  3. These handsome roofs raise the resale value of your house.

...we quickly notified our insurance agency. Boy did it make a difference... for the good! It does in fact increase the value of your home and garage

- The Pisio Family

The Bulletproof Warranty:

For as long as you live in your home, our team of installers will fix any problem that may arise with the shingles or the way they are attached. If you sell your home, the warranty will fully transfer to the new owners and will be set to 40 years from the original installation.

And here is one more reason reason for you to ask for a quote – with your new aluminum roof you will also get a 30 year warranty on “fade and chalk”. A guarantee that the look of your roof will remain fresh!

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